Headaches and fatigue are common symptoms of anemia. Here are 6 ways to treat it naturally

Your body needs a certain amount of red blood cells to function correctly. When the number drops too low, you can develop a condition called anemia. Red blood cells do a lot of valuable things, but one of their most important jobs is to carry hemoglobin, which helps bind oxygen, according to WebMD.
When your red blood cell count drops too low, your organs can't get enough oxygen to work at their best. This results in symptoms like a headache and tiredness. Anemia affects more than 3.5 million Americans. Some types of anemia may be treated naturally, though you should always speak with a doctor if you suspect you may have the condition.
1. Eat more iron
One of the simplest ways to treat anemia symptoms is to introduce more high-protein foods into your diet, according to Dr. Axe. Iron-rich foods you that will help include beans, vegetables (especially leafy greens), beef, bison, and liver.
2. Reduce stress
According to the National Library of Medicine, researchers discovered that stress could reduce the production of serum iron, which in turn can cause anemia or trigger anemia symptoms. A simple way to ease symptoms and treat anemia is to reduce stress. That could include practicing meditation, going for walks, exercising, singing and getting more sleep.
3. Avoid trigger foods
If you have anemia, there are a few foods you should avoid eating. The foods listed could make your symptoms worse, LiveStrong reports. Foods to avoid or reduce if you have anemia include wine, black tea, corn, white rice, white flour, and alcohol.
5. Get more probiotics in your diet
A significant contributor to anemia is poor gut health, Body Ecology says. If your gut isn't working correctly, you can't fully absorb nutrients. A simple way to fix that problem is to add some probiotics to your diet. This includes fermented foods (pickles, miso, tempeh, sauerkraut), greek yogurt and cheese.
6. Get more Vitamin C
One of biggest concerns with anemia is that it lowers your immune system. This makes you more susceptible to illnesses of all kinds. You can help protect your immune system by increasing your intake of Vitamin C with a supplement or adding Vitamin C rich foods into your diet.
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