How to use tea bags to sooth ailments

Are you enjoying a steaming hot cup of tea while reading this article? We hope you have not yet tossed the teabag! Inside that little pouch you hold the key to a host of home remedies and life hacks that will make you healthier and happier. Continue reading to find out how tea can help treat everything from sunburn to canker sores. 
1. Heal bruises. Both green and black tea contain tannins which help shrink swollen tissue and narrow blood vessels, according to Annie's Remedy. This is why tea is a great life hack for healing bruises, which emerge when the tiny capillaries under the surface of the skin are damaged. So next time you have a nasty blue bruise or a black eye, dip a tea bag in hot water, let it cool and then lay it on the bruised area.  
2. Treat sunburn. It's summer time. Beach weather also means sunburn weather. Treat your hot, aching skin with cool, wet tea bags. If you are burnt from head to toe, Reader's Digest suggests placing tea bags in the bathtub and treating yourself to a tea soak. This method also works for minor burns from devices such as curling irons, teapots and steam irons. 
3. Shrink warts. According to Divine Caroline, the tannic acid and bacteria fighting qualities found in tea are effective for shrinking warts. To use this home remedy, place a warm teabag on the wart for ten minutes a few times a day until the wart shrinks. 
4. Treat pinkeye. Green tea is full of bioflavonoinds that help reduce inflammation and fight both viral and bacterial infections. Annie's Remedy recommends placing a cool, wet green tea bag over the infected eye in order to naturally treat this common childhood ailment. 
5. Soothe razor burn. Did you dare to shave sans shaving cream? Have you forgotten to change your blade? Are you suffering the consequences of painful nicks and unattractive bumps? Simply sit relaxed with a wet tea bag on the affected area, and according to Reader's Digest, your razor burn will reduce in no time. 
6. Treat smelly feet. Black tea is astringent enough to soak up all those nasty smelling odors that come from stinky, sweaty feet. Plus, the tannins in black tea will effectively kill the bacteria that causes bad odor in the first place. Follow the advice of Divine Caroline and soak your feet in a black tea bath for twenty minutes each day. 
7. Treat acne. Tea is full of antioxidants, which are important for fighting cancer and heart disease, as well as strengthening the immune system in general. And when you have a stronger immune system, you are better equipped to treat acne, according to Livestrong. In addition to drinking tea, you can also apply cold tea bags to the affected skin for up to twenty minutes daily. Vitamic C, lemon juice and tree oil may also be effective in treating acne. Try a mix and see which works best for your unique skin. 
8. Treat canker sores. Canker sores are those painful little ulcers that form in the inside of the mouth. Unlike cold sores, they are not contagious. But they are terribly irritating and can be caused by everything from stress to spicy foods, and from hormonal changes to overzealous brushing, according to The Oz Blog. To soothe a canker sore, Dr. Oz recommends applying a tea bag dipped in water directly to the canker sore for five minutes several times a day. 
Tea is not only delicious, but it is also a powerful home remedy for a number of ailments from burns and bruises to acne and pinkeye. 
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