Press 4 spots on your body and see the powerful effect on your weight and metabolism

Let's get real. It's time to lose weight. But how?
Harris Thompson of 1 Million Health Tips has a little-known secret that can change your life. According to Thompson, there are 4 spots on the body that when massaged, stimulate the body's various functions and get the fat rolling. The idea is supported by Modern Reflexology, which takes the position that directed massage can aid the digestive system, control appetite, promote body awareness, and thus lead to weight loss.
1. Inner elbow crease. The pressure point located here is connected to the large intestines. Using your thumb, apply pressure to this point for a full minute 2- 3 times daily to stimulate the function of the bowels.
2. Upper lip. Massage the area above your upper lip for 5 minutes twice daily to prevent stress eating.
3. Tragus. This spot on the ear can be found by opening and closing your mouth. The tragus is where you feel the most jaw movement. Massaging the tragus for 3 minutes 3 times daily can activate your metabolism and suppress your appetite.
4. Below the kneecap. This pressure point is known as the point of longevity and is thought to aid in digestion. Some even say that massaging this point can help a person lose a pound a week. Modern Reflexology recommends flexing your foot up and down and feel with your hand for the place in which the muscle moves. Put pressure on this spot for a full 2 minutes every day for the best results.
According to Livestrong, it is essential to increase oxygen within the body before beginning acupressure. It is therefore recommended to take a few deep breaths by inhaling for 8 counts and exhaling for 16 counts to relax the body and increase oxygen flow. Repeat 10 times and then begin your daily self-acupressure treatment. Doing so will maximize the benefits.
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