A new detox water to make the fat melt

In recent years, we've watched as water has grown from essential need to fitness trend. We're not talking about your regular tap water, however. We're talking about infused waters.
According to Telegraph, actress-turned-health guru Gwyneth Paltrow and pop star Beyoncé start their days not with coffee, but with warm water mixed with lemon. It's not just our actresses and pop stars who parade their water glasses. Celebrity fitness expert Jillian Michaels also recommends a "detox" water (Michaels's includes dandelion root tea and cranberry juice, in addition to lemon).
So, what's the verdict? Can so-called "detox waters" actually help you lose weight?
Alissa Rumsey, R.D., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, in an article for Women's Health Magazine, explained that when hot water with lemon is used to replace another beverage, such as morning coffee or bedtime tea or milk with honey, the infused water can contribute to weight loss. It's useful not just because it replaces other drinks, which may contain fat and sugar, but also because water itself keeps your metabolism working. Lemon water also reduces bloating and acts as a mild diuretic.
Therefore, drinking infused water before bed is a wise choice if you want to keep your metabolism burning fat long after you've closed your eyes.
Style Craze recommends an infused water that may be considered the "Power Water" among infused waters.
The recipe goes beyond the typical 1/2 glass water and 1 sliced lemon. It calls for a bunch of cilantro, which relieves bloating and is rich in antioxidants that reduce water retention. One tablespoon freshly grated ginger is the secret ingredient that fires up the metabolism and aids digestion, and 1 tablespoon aloe vera juice reduces inflammation and fights against dangerous free radicals. The final ingredient, 1 sliced cucumber, is the real key to this infused water's power.
Cucumbers have a high fiber and high water content. WebMD tells us fiber is a miracle worker in a weight loss plan because it makes a person feel full without adding too many calories to his or her diet. In other words, it prevents you from overeating. So if you drink Style Craze's water before meals, you will likely eat less, and if you drink it before bed, you decrease your chance of bingeing on late night snacks.
When making Style Craze's infused water, put all the ingredients in a jar overnight and drink throughout the day. We recommend doubling or quadrupling the recipe, so you always have the fat-burning water with you.
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