13 unusual uses of your hairdryer you likely didn't know about

Your hair dryer does a whole lot more than merely dry hair. Here are 13 of our favorite hair dryer hacks:
1. Remove stickers and price tags. Are you frustrated with the residue left from price tags? Do your kids like to put stickers all over your furniture? Instructables says you can use a hair dryer to effortlessly loosen the stick. This same trick works for removing melted and hardened wax.
2. Stretch out shoes. New shoes too tight? Slip on a pair of thick socks, slides into your new shoes and blast your feet with a hair dryer for 1- 2 minutes. Keep the shoes on until they cool completely. One Good Thing By Jillee says this hack will stretch your shoes to the exact right size.
3. Remove water rings. Did someone forget to use a coaster? Don't fret! One Good Thing By Jillee says you can remove water rings on wooden furniture using a hair dryer fitted with a nozzle. Begin with a cool setting and gradually increase to a warmer setting until the stain disappears.
4. Repair a dent in a car bumper. Kenneth Chan shows us how to use a hair dryer to repair a dent in a car bumper. It may take a while, but the heat from one (or several) hair dryers can be powerful enough to reverse a dent.
5. DIY stationary dryer. There's a reason beauty salons want you to sit under a stationary dryer. It helps oil treatments really soak into the hair. Buzzfeed recommends setting up a DIY stationary dryer by sticking a hair dryer in a shoe atop a counter. Sit under the dryer and relax for the duration of your home treatment.
6. Custom fit glasses. Are those grocery store readers falling off your nose? One Good Thing By Jillee suggests using a hair dryer to heat the ends of cheap plastic glasses and then carefully bending and molding the frames to fit your face.
7. Remove water spots. Wipe stubborn water spots on glassware with a damp cloth and then use a hair dryer to quickly and completely dry them, says One Good Thing By Jillee.
8. Prepare a BBQ. The Indian Spot suggests blasting charcoals in your BBQ with a hair dryer immediately after lighting. This will quickly intensify the flames.
9. Gloss cupcakes. Baking a cake this weekend? Lightly blow warm air onto frosting just until it begins to melt. The Indian Spot says the perfect timing will result in professional-looking, glossy cupcakes.
10. Defrost frozen food. Did you forget to let the frozen veggies de-thaw? No problem! You can still save dinner! Use a hair dryer to easily defrost frozen foods, says The Indian Spot.
11. Remove gum. Getting gum stuck anywhere is the absolute worst. Mental Floss recommends using a hair dryer to soften gum and easily remove it from carpet, clothing, hair and other undesirable places.
12. Spot iron. In a rush this morning? Use a hair dryer to quickly iron out wrinkles. Mental Floss says to hang the garment, sprinkle the spot with water, and then hold the hair dryer 1- 2 inches away from the garment to smooth out wrinkles.
13. Dust. Remove dust from hard to reach places using a hair dryer. Mental Floss recommends using this method on your computer keyboard. You can also use this method on lampshades and bookcases.
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