8 surprising uses for Vodka

Vodka is a hard alcohol you likely already are familiar with. We all know it as a drink, but did you know had other abilities (outside of making us feel good)?
Every good homeowner keeps a cheap bottle of vodka in the freezer. The reason behind this habit may surprise you. Keep reading and find out 8 uses for vodka you likely never thought of:
1. Foot deodorizer
Stinky feet are the worst. Solve the problem with a natural deodorant: Vodka. Reader's Digest recommends mixing vodka with water and using a spray bottle to clean smelly shoes.
2. Deodorize laundry
If you've been out at a smoky bar and don't want to wash your clothes from the night before, spritz them with vodka and hang in a well-ventilated area, as recommended by This Old House.
3. Treat poison ivy
Summer hiking means a greater risk of poison ivy. If you find yourself with a nasty rash, follow the advice of Reader's Digest and pour vodka directly onto the skin to clean away the poison oils.
4. Cool a jelly fish sting
Swimming in the ocean is fun, but it comes with serious risks. If you're stung by a jelly fish, Esquire recommends pouring vodka onto the sting to disinfect the area and quell the pain.
5. Insect repellent
Don't waste your cash on OFF! and other store-bought insect repellents. Use vodka, as suggested by Do It Yourself. Mix it with fresh basil, lavender, or another sweet-smelling herbs and oils to counter the harsh smell.
6. Keep flowers fresher longer
We all love getting flowers. It's a shame they wilt so quickly. To keep flowers fresher longer, mix a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar into the water of your flower vase. Esquire says to change the solution daily.
7. Soothe aching muscles
While drinking after working out may make you sick, This Old House says kneading sore muscles with a bag full of water and vodka frozen to a slushy-like consistency can feel like a miracle.
8. Remove upholstery stains
Doest that years-old spot on your couch drive you crazy? It's time to remove it. This Old House suggests using a clean cloth dipped in vodka to rub out the stain.
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