12 brilliant methods to keep fleas, ants and roaches out of your home

Fleas, ants and roaches are common household pests. There are many products that claim to kill these annoying critters, but most of them are full of harsh chemicals, require you to leave your house for a few days or leave a toxic residue in the carpet that you wouldn't want your children or pets to be playing on.
Instead, a number of safer home remedies can get rid of fleas, ants and roaches using common household products and good hygiene practices. Keep reading for 10+ awesome methods:
1. Use dishwashing detergent against fleas. It's like liquid poison to fleas. Try washing your pet with detergent, which will clean their fur and kill any fleas. It is best to use a natural formula and test a small area first, as some animals have sensitive skin. You can also create your own flea trap, as demonstrated in the video below:
2. Wash and vacuum ... everything. WikiHow explains that to get rid of fleas, you need to get rid of their eggs and larvae, so spend a day washing everything in the house where they might live. The video below shows you how we do this:
3. Salt your carpet. A layer of salt will dehydrate and kill the fleas living in your carpet. You'll need to use finely ground salt and sprinkle a generous layer over your entire carpet. Leave it for 1 - 2 days or as long as you can and then thoroughly vacuum. Watch the full demonstration in the video below:
4. Make a natural flea spray. Once you've controlled the initial flea population using the steps above, make your own natural products to keep the fleas away. Try the solution below:
5. Deter ants with household products. Forget the harsh chemicals that can also stink up your house! Try using these 4 homemade solutions in the video below to keep them at bay:
6. Bait or trap the ants. Create a homemade solution by mixing one part Borax with three parts powdered sugar. The sugar attracts the ants, and the Borax poisons them. The ants will then carry the poison back home and exterminate the colony. In the video below, see how we make a homemade trap:
7. Find the ant nest. Be careful: Some ants are aggressive and have painful bites! They also play an important part in our ecological system, so only destroy the nest if other methods have failed. Pour boiling water into the entry point of the nest; it will flow throughout the tunnels and kill the colony. You can also use a solution of camphor oil and methylated spirits. Your aim should be to kill the queen, who is responsible for reproducing in the colony.
8. Starve roaches. Roaches can't live for more than a week without water, so make sure that you don't have any leaks in your house. This way they'll be more keen to nibble on any liquid baits you leave out for them. Watch the full video demonstration below.
9. Deter roaches. As with ants, there are natural chemicals and scents that roaches can't stand. Some of these include bay leaves, mint oil, Listerine, cedar, cucumber, and lemon. You can mix your own solutions and spray in the affected areas of your house to keep away the roaches.
10. Use roach bait. There are many types of store-bought bait, but you can also make your own, using Boric Acid, flour and sugar. This method takes a few weeks to work, and you need to kill a few generations of roaches before the numbers decline significantly, but it is effective if you can be patient.
11. Make your own roach spray. How? Just using soap and water. Spray the mixture directly onto roaches, and it forms a layer over their shell, effectively suffocating them. This method works quickly and doesn't require any harmful chemicals. Watch the full demonstration below.
12. Make a roach trap. Roaches need water, so they'll go to great lengths to get it. Partially fill a jar with water, and place it where you've seen frequent roaches. They'll climb in for the water and won't be able to get back out.
A bad infestation is a health hazard, and at some point you may need to use a chemical bug spray or insecticide bomb, or even call in the professionals. But try these natural home remedies first; they're better for your family, your pets and the environment.

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