10 potent home remedies for healing a cut quickly

Cuts happen with life. A dropped knife, a broken piece of glass, a cat's scratch--all of these have the potential to break the skin. With a cut comes the chance of infection.
A trip to the emergency room or urgent care to sit for hours just to have the doctor clean the wound and put a band-aid on it can get to be frustrating. The 10 home remedies below for dealing with a cut may be able to save you from that frustration.
1. Clean it. WebMD make a point of stating that using simple, cool, clean water and mild soap is the best way to clean a wound. Hydrogen peroxide and iodine actually do more harm than good to the damaged skin.
2. Keep it moist. Using Vaseline or an antibiotic ointment to keep the wound moist is better for healing, according to WebMD, than allowing it to dry out.
3. Cover it. Besides keeping dirt out of the wound, covering the cut keeps the scab from catching on clothing and ripping off. A simple band-aid will often do the job, says WebMD.
4. Apply honey. Prevention states that medical-grade honey has antioxidants and amino acids that appear to help wounds heal without infection. Applying some to wounds may cause them to heal with little to no scar. Be sure to stay away from the honey you eat as that contains pollen and can actually cause infection.
5. Use aloe vera. Aloe vera has some great healing abilities. According to WebMD, aloe has properties that kill bacteria and increase the blood flow to the area it's applied. All of this helps increase wound healing.
6. Apply coconut oil. Coconut oil seems to be another one of nature's wonders. Healthline shares that coconut oil also has bacteria killing abilities and wound healing properties. Apply some to a cut and cover with a band-aid.
7. Apply tea tree oil. Prevention shares that tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and may help speed wound healing on its way.
8. Use lavender oil. Lavender oil appears to reduce redness around wound sites, according to NCBI, and has been recommended for use with women receiving episiotomies.
9. Apply chamomile oil. Another study released by NCBI shows that chamomile oils helps reduce weeping and drying of wound sites.
10. Apply antibiotic ointment. WebMD points out that antibiotic ointment creates a layer of protection over the skin keeping dirt out. It also has the added advantage of helping prevent infection.
Always be willing to seek medical help when the cut warrants it; but the next time a small cut happens, as it invariably will, try one of these remedies for faster, infection-free healing. You may be pleased with the results.
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