Putting this in your bath can give you a flat belly overnight

Epsom salt has been around for well over 100 years and can be beneficial for healing all kinds of aches and pains. It's still widely used today, and it can even help flatten your belly overnight.
Mined from England, it's comprised of magnesium sulfate and can be added to your tub, taken orally, or used in hair products. Check out the possible uses and benefits listed below.
Possible uses
1. Soak. The traditional use has been to soak in Epsom salt, according to WebMD. You can choose to soak just your feet or take an entire bath.
2. Volumizing conditioner or shampoo. Both Dr. Axe and Reader's Digest suggest adding Epsom salt to either your shampoo or conditioner and using it on your hair every other day in order to give it extra volume. The salt is supposed to help absorb the oils in your hair and keep it from falling flat.
3. Laxative. Taken orally, Epsom salt can be used to help relieve constipation, according to WebMD.
How to use
1. Soak. For a soaking solution in a tub, add one to two cups of Epsom salts to your tub of hot water. You can soak for 12 to 40 minutes.
2. Volumizing. To create your own volumizing conditioner or shampoo, mix equal parts shampoo or conditioner with Epsom salt. Only use every other day, as daily use is too harsh on your hair.
3. Laxative. For adults, Healthline recommends dissolving two to four teaspoons of salt in an 8-ounce glass of water and drinking it.
Believed benefits
1. Flat bellies. Women's Health reports that some believe soaking in an Epsom salt bath will remove any water they are retaining and give them a flat belly. No scientific data is available to prove whether it really works or not, but a hot soak in the tub can never hurt.
2. Sore joint and muscle relief. Although no scientific research exists to support the belief that Epsom salt alleviates stiff joints and sore muscles, according to Reader's Digest, many still swear by it today. No harm comes from the soak, and the heat from the water is still beneficial in relaxing the sore muscles and allowing the blood vessels to expand and heal injured areas.
3. Absorbing magnesium. One of the reasons people like the Epsom salt bath is they believe they are absorbing magnesium through their skin as they soak. Both Reader's Digest and abcNews state that there is no scientific data supporting the idea of absorbing magnesium through the skin.
Taking a hot soak in the tub is always a great idea! The heat from the water is soothing and helps relax tense muscles. Adding Epsom salt to the water won't hurt you, so if you swear by it, by all means, use it. The silky feeling and the smell may just be part of your relaxation ritual.

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