If you have a sore back, you may want to start pouring rice in your sock (+5 home remedies)

A sore back can seriously put a damper on any day. Whether it's a dull ache or shooting pains, working or even just sitting with a sore back can be extremely difficult. If you want some pain relief, you can try each of these remedies at home, using things you likely already have on hand.
If your back pain persists or gets worse, schedule a visit with your doctor or chiropractor to rule out a more severe condition.
1. Moist heat rice pack
This simple (and cheap) trick is a great way to apply heat all over your back. You can even throw this rice sock into the freezer if you prefer a cold pack to ease your pain.
The method of using a rice-filled sock as a home remedy for a sore back works by utilizing the principles of heat therapy. When the sock filled with uncooked rice is heated, it becomes a flexible and natural heating pad.
This warmth is applied to the sore area of the back, promoting increased blood flow, muscle relaxation, and reduced muscle tension. The rice inside the sock conforms to the body's shape, ensuring even distribution of heat for effective pain relief.
While this method is a cost-effective and convenient way to temporarily alleviate back discomfort, it's essential to remember that it may not address the underlying cause of the pain, and individuals with chronic or severe back issues should consult a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.
2. Comfrey Root
Comfrey Root oil can significantly reduce back pain in as little as an hour. While there were some minor side effects in a few patients (a headache, itchiness, runny nose and nausea), most patients experienced pain relief with little or no side effects.
3. Go for a swim
Swimming can help relieve lower back pain. Try the breast stroke or back stroke to avoid overextending your arms which could make the pain worse. If you're just starting out in the pool, try a water aerobics or work with a trainer.
4. Body roller
When using a foam roller to relieve back strain, don't use the roller on the lower part of your back (it can make the pain worse). Instead, use the roller on your glutes or hips to reduce the pain in your back.
5. Stretch
If you're experiencing back pain, try a gentle stretch. Prevention notes that the longer you can hold the stretch, the better your pain relief. The lower -back twist, in particular, can help ease back pain, especially pain that radiates to your glutes.
6. Adjust your habits
You can help ease back pain and reduce future occurrences by adjusting a few of your habits including losing weight, exercising your back muscles, stretching every day, sitting correctly, and ditching heavy purses.
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